Volume 1, Issue #11 – July 1995

LogBook #10Business as usual for this issue, though a “look” had finally firmly established itself here with the shaded, drop-shadowed breakout boxes. It was also a reminder of the very first issue, with its front page concentrating on series pickups and drop-kicks prior to the new fall season.

Issue 11 PDF (7.3mb)

Rob Heyman is back on the TNG beat again, while Robert Parson turned in one of the best things ever to appear in theLogBook ‘Zine, his “Inside Them” profile of Godzilla. While my initial conception of “Inside Them” had been of a more serious bent, I loved where Robert took it here (and in his later examination of Zordon from the Power Rangers series). If I recall correctly, the writer of the seaQuest and Earth 2 columns in the previous issue opted not to continue, and a huge Highlander overview was hastily written to fill the space that was meant for those reviews.