Volume 1, Issue #12 – August 1995

Deep Space NinetheLogBook ‘Zine turned one year old with an issue largely devoted to reprinting the Deep Space Nine season 3 guide from the LogBook text files. While this may seem a little bit lazy – and hey, it was – the plan was always to give the ‘zine a little bit of a summer vacation by doing 2-3 “episode guide reprint” issues. But buried in small print on page 3 was the death knell of the ‘zine: after the October issue (i.e. the last issue owed to the most recent of the current six-month subscribers), the print publication was going away.

Issue 12 PDF (7mb)

Rob Heyman’s TNG reviews wrapped up with a surprisingly large attempt at a graphic layout, though getting the text and image to line up correctly in EnVision Publisher was tricky at best, hence the play-it-safe layout that left clumsy miles of unused space.