Volume 1, Issue #1 – August 1994

theLogBook.comThe first issue of theLogBook ‘Zine was printed on both sides of a single sheet of canary-yellow paper. I honestly don’t remember what was up with the paper; I think it was in a pile of office supplies slated to be thrown into the dumpster at work. Why buy canary yellow paper you aren’t going to use?

Issue 1 PDF (2.31mb)

It’s a fairly straightforward renewal-vs.-cancellation update issue dealing with DS9, the then-very-troubled genesis of Voyager, Babylon 5, Highlander (still a going series concern at the time), X-Files, seaQuest DSV, Lois & Clark, Red Dwarf, Doctor Who, Time Trax and Alien Nation. As past-its-sell-by-date as Alien Nation was, it’s important to remember that it was being revived as a one-off movie by Fox – and the miraculously successful return of Star Trek, combined with the BBC’s renewed (but still soft) interest in resurrecting Doctor Who, was a game-changer for cancelled shows. At the time, it seemed like anything could come back.