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206: K.C.’s Krazy Sequels!

Select Game PodcastMuch More Munching! Previously on Buffy Select Game, the courts took K.C. Munchkin! off the shelves. But did the Odyssey2’s cute blue muncher stay out of the limelight? Awww hell no – K.C. is still in circulation today. As in, literally, today. (31:20)

This episode was intended to drop before PRGE, but real life intervened, as it is wont to do.

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KC Escapes
K.C. both scratches and sniffs

KC Returns
K.C. Returns main menu

KC Returns
K.C. Returns to myriads of mazes

KC Returns
K.C. Returns to WIN

KC Escapes
K.C. Escapes to patch things up

KC Escapes
K.C. Escapes to your shelf

Links from this episode:

KC Escapes
K.C. Returns to escape!

KC Exists
K.C. Returns to resequence your DNA!

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