South Park Rally

South Park RallyOrder this gameThe Game: As any one of a large number of residents of that blissful burg known as South Park, Colorado, you compete against the rest of the town in a no-holds-barred race through the snowy streets. Helpful power-ups and hapless cattle are sprinkled liberally through the town like so many Cheesy Poofs. (Acclaim, 2000)

Memories: This hilarious third entry in Acclaim’s series of South Park video games takes a classic arcade staple – the first-person racing game – and adds some sound bytes, characters, and scatological humor to create what may be the best South Park title available.

South Park RallySouth Park Rally is also the game which is truest to its source material. Among the weapons you can acquire are Sparky the Dog (who will latch onto an opponent’s car and hold it immobile by humping it), cans of Weight Gain 4000 (allowing you to smash through opponents’ vehicles with a hearty cry of “BEEFCAKE!!!”), and naturally, an immobilizing handful of Chocolate Salty Balls. Terrance and Phillip are also on hand to break speed records (and wind).

Accuracy to South Park trivia aside, is it fun? Oh yeah! It’s almost like Episode I Racer with more fart jokes. The action is very 3 quartersfast paced, the graphics are smooth, and it actually begs for repeat play. For South Park fans who are looking for something which is a little less involved than the original Doom-inspired South Park game (though that one is also rather amusing), South Park Rally is just the ticket. Sweet!

South Park Rally

South Park Rally

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