Galaga: Destination EarthBuy this gameThe Game: A couple of centuries after the attempted Galaga invasion of Earth in 1982, human terraformers have set their sights on a nearby world for colonization, and a massive expedition is launched – but, of course, since such an exploration is a costly venture, defense cutbacks are made, leaving Earth vulnerable to a new Galaga invasion. Of course, you’re the only surviving space fighter pilot in the outer solar system, so it’s up to you to take on the Galaga invaders single-handedly. (Hasbro Interactive, 2000)

Memories: Oof. As good as Galaga: Destination Earth turned out for the Playstation (and yes, I do realize that not everyone will agree with me on that point), the Game Boy Color port is honestly one of the weakest games I’ve seen for the portable platform.

What’s the problem here? For one thing: almost zero challenge. Compared to the opposition players faced in the original Galaga arcade game, the attacking aliens in this title are easily picked off. I swear, my first game, the very first time I put this cartridge in my Game Boy, lasted over 40 minutes – and ended with me turning the machine off out of sheer boredom.

The sound effects and constantly scrolling background graphics are quite impressive for a Game Boy cartridge, but I’m honestly not all that entertained by watching the backgrounds and listening to the tinkling music (which, for a couple of fleeting moments, pays homage to the opening fanfare of its arcade inspiration).

My advice here: avoid this like the plague of locusts you’re supposedly fighting in the game. Check out the Playstation or PC A dimeversions instead, or look for the increasingly rare original Namco release of the arcade Galaga for the pre-color Game Boy. But don’t touch the Game Boy Color version of Galaga: Destination Earth with a ten-foot pole.