Elevator ActionThe Game: As a daring spy, you break into a top secret enemy facility, trying to grab vital secrets and evade or kill as many enemy agents as you can. Your only means of getting from floor to floor through most of the game is via the elevator – which gives you an advantage and also makes you vulnerable. (Taito, 1985)

Memories: Almost a dead ringer for its arcade inspiration graphically, the NES edition of Elevator Action actually loses a few points for having lousy sound – something I rarely count off points for, truth be told. But by the time of the NES, the means were there to replicate the arcade sound – take a listen to Super Mario Bros. for proof.

Elevator Action4 quarters!(Sadly, the B&W Game Boy edition of Elevator Action sounds better than the NES version.) Despite that, this really did stand out as the definitive home version of Elevator Action, until Taito got around to releasing PS2, Xbox and PC retro compilations which played a perfect game straight from the arcade code.