Bump 'n' JumpThe Game: The race is on, and no moves are off-limits – bump your competitors off the road (and into apparently highly volatile vegetation that causes them to explode), or jump over them and any other obstacles that get in your way, including See the videoareas of water that cover the road. If you survive the race, you live on to the next round – at least until you run out of cars. (Coleco, 1984)

Memories: Another Sega arcade sleeper-hit snagged for the Colecovision under an overall contract between the two game companies, Bump ‘N’ Jump is fun on four wheels, and this console version drives it home perfectly. Bump 'n' JumpIt’s also one of a handful of games that support Expansion Module #2, a.k.a. the steering wheel/gas pedal combo that came with Turbo. Never mind that Bump ‘N’ Jump never had a steering wheel in the arcade – it was a driving game on the Colecovision, and there seemed to be a mandate that any game where you controlled a car had to support the driving controller. (A selection screen at the beginning of the game allows you to use either the driving controller or a standard joystick.)

Bump 'n' JumpEven with a standard joystick (or, in my case, the Super Action Controller), Bump ‘N’ Jump is a blast – you have total control over your vehicle and if you manage to slam into something, just chalk it up to operator error, because this is simply one of 5 quarters!the smoothest games, control-wise, in the Colecovision’s library.

It’s also one of the most frustrating once I jump into the drink for the umpteenth time, but we can talk about that later. (See “operator error” above.)

Bump 'n' Jump