Buck Rogers: Planet Of Zoom

Buck Rogers: Planet Of ZoomThe Game: Zoom being the operative word here, your mission – as space hero Buck Rogers – is to fly in close quarters with all kinds of enemy ships, landers and structures, fending off their attacks, and generally staying alive as long as See the videopossible. Obligatory robot wisecracks and utterances of “beedy-beedy-beedy” not included. (Coleco [under license from Sega], 1984)

Memories: Far and away the most faithful home console version of Sega’s arcade sleeper hit, Buck Rogers: Planet Of Zoom is a blast on the ColecoVision. Buck Rogers: Planet Of ZoomThe audiovisual side of the arcade game is approximated as closely as the console’s technology can get (and let me tell you, it’s not bad at all, losing some of the arcade game’s color-gradient sleekness but retaining a lot of detail), and even with the standard “mushroom” controllers, keeping a handle on your spaceship is easy and instinctive.

Coleco later produced Super Buck Rogers: Planet Of Zoom for the Adam computer Buck Rogers: Planet Of Zoom4 quarters!(and/or the Adam computer expansion module for the ColecoVision), offering some further refinements to the game, but this certainly wasn’t a bad approximation for those who hadn’t fallen for Coleco’s sales pitch that the ColecoVision could turn into a high-end computer.

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