Robotron: 2084The Game: In the year 2084, all hell has broken loose on Earth. Robotic servants, created to perform dangerous tasks and defend their human creators, have decided they can do without their masters. The robots have evolved into new and terrifying varieties – the ever-multiplying Ground Roving UNit Terminators (GRUNTs), indestructible Hulks, self-replicating Quarks and Tanks, and most horrfying of all, the Brain robots, which capture humans and reprogram them into super-fast killing machines. And the only thing protecting the last remaining survivors of homo sapiens is your strength, endurance and cunning (and the multi-directional weaponry helps too). (Atarisoft, 1983)

Memories: I loved the arcade version of Robotron. I loved the idea of it, the graphics, the sound effects…but there was one rather major problem between me and this game: I sucked at it. Pure and simple.

Robotron: 2084Enter the Apple II edition of Robotron, courtesy of Atarisoft. The two-joystick control system was replaced with a single button and joystick scheme, making it much easier – rush ’em and fire! Whereas I was damned lucky if I could survive even so much as a single screen of the arcade version of Robotron, I can reach anywhere between the fifth 5 quarters!and tenth levels of the Apple II version.

The look of the game is very authentic, though it suffers a little in the sound effects department – but then again, the Apple isn’t exactly known for elaborate sound effects.

Robotron: 2084