Jungle Hunt

Jungle HuntThe Game: You are an intrepid, pith-helmeted explorer of the jungle! Swinging from vine to vine! Swimming through crocodile-infested waters! Jumping and ducking huge rolling boulders! And vanquishing spear-weilding natives to rescue the damsel! (Atarisoft, 1983)

Memories: One of a handful of Atarisoft games for the ColecoVision, Jungle Hunt proves a point: while Coleco was trying to drive discriminating gamers toward its own console with subpar ports of games like Zaxxon (compare the ColecoVision edition to the Atari 2600 port) and Donkey Kong (again, compare the ColecoVision and 2600 versions), Atari – post-2600 Pac-Man debacle – was at least trying to turn out quality games for whatever platform it released games on.

Jungle HuntThe ColecoVision version of Jungle Hunt isn’t that far removed from the arcade version graphically; on the audio side, it’s missing the trademark music that wormed its way into many a gamer’s head during epic sessions of vine-swinging and crocodile-dodging. Beyond that, the only fault I can find with Atarisoft’s Jungle Hunt is some slightly 4 quarters!questionable collision-detection – most notably in the third level, where boulders that it seems like you should be jumping clear of still manage to tag you. Other than that, it’s a flawless translation.

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