Donkey Kong Jr.The Game: As the offspring of the mighty monkey, it’s up to you to scale vines and chains, avoid mobile traps, occasionally grab some yummy fruit (since when is a little ape on Pac-Man’s diet?), and get to the key or keys that will free your papa. (Coleco, 1983)

Memories: Again very faithful to its arcade namesake, the Coleco version of Donkey Kong Jr. is an essential addition to the ColecoVision player’s library, with very accurately reproduced sound and graphics. Again, the ColecoVision controller can be kind of frustrating at times, but all of the levels are there, and it’s just a fun game to 4 quarters!play. The point of both of these early ColecoVision titles proved the point to many gamers who had so far only played Atari 2600 adaptations of their favorite games – this machine was as close as they could get to the arcade in their own living room.