AtlantisThe Game: Hostile spacecraft are bombing the underwater paradise of Atlantis from above. Manning two cannons, you can knock the attacking ships out of the sky – or try to hit them at close range if they dive to bombing See the videoaltitutde. When all of Atlantis’ landmarks have been wiped out, the game is over. (Imagic, 1983)

Memories: Once again, Imagic turned out a superb port of their already well-known Atari 2600 and Intellivision chestnut for the underserved Odyssey 2. Of Imagic’s two games for the Odyssey, Atlantis is the better title, though both were excellent games.

AtlantisPerhaps the biggest surprise is how closely the Odyssey port of Atlantis matches the graphics of the other versions of the game. While I still think several of the Odyssey titles are still unmatched in playability and just plain addictive fun, you won’t find me claiming that it’s a graphics powerhouse. Yet, using a combination of custom graphics and familiar shapes 5 quarters!from the Odyssey’s pre-programmed character bank, Atlantis looks very similar to the other systems’ versions of the same game.

Naturally, since it was one of the most addictive and fast-moving games in the Odyssey 2’s history, Atlantis is notoriously difficult to find. Go figure.

Atlantis cartridge for Odyssey2

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