ArchonThe Game: What if chess pieces were living creatures, each with its own unique abilities? And what if, every time to pieces met on the board, they had to fight amongst themselves to occupy the square in question? That’s Archon in a nutshell. (Electronic Arts, 1983)

Memories: Whoever came up with this game is a total genius. This is the sort of game that won lots of fans in the early days who may not have necessarily been computer or video game afficionados – a modern variation on the game of chess, with arcade-flavored action segments to determine control of contested territories.

ArchonI recall playing this game both on the Commodore 64 and the Apple II, and I had some control issues where the Apple version was concerned. But it was still a fun game – so much fun, in fact, that a small group of fans/programmers is now working on an updated PC 4 quarters!version, Archon: Evolution, which will include both the original came as released by Electronic Arts in 1983 as well as a new version with the kinds of bells and whistles to which modern PC gamers are accustomed.



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