Nimble Numbers NED!

Nimble Numbers NED!The Game: You are NED, hopping over boulders and, with each obstacle overcome, tackling progressively more difficult math questions and pattern-matching exercises. You can select what kind of math you need to work on See the video(addition, subtraction, etc.), and if you don’t solve a problem correctly the first time, it’s broken down into smaller parts to help you work out how it all goes together. (North American Philips, 1982)

Memories: This game was originally going to be called Math Potatoes! – and as inauspicious a title as Nimble Numbers NED! may be, you have to admit that Math Potatoes! probably would’ve been too bizarre to entice parents looking for suitable educational software for their kids.

Nimble Numbers NED!Bob Harris, who went on to design on of the most challenging Odyssey2 titles with Killer Bees!, was assigned this game as one of two educational launch titles to accompany the Voice Of Odyssey2 (the other being SID The Spellbinder!). The game requires the Voice, so it won’t do much good to try to play it without that module.

One of the most bizarre things about both NED and SID is that both games use the two distinctly different voices of the Voice: the amusing pre-programmed voice which I often refer to as the “game show host” voice (during the boulder-jumping attempts at arcade action segments), as well as the “robotic” voice associated with Type & Tell 2 quarters(during actual math problem portions of the game).

If anything, the “action” portions of Nimble Numbers NED! are so frustrating, I look forward to the math problems. Recommended only for completists.

Nimble Numbers NED!

Nimble Numbers NED!

Nimble Numbers NED!

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