LadybugThe Game: You control a nice, big, juicy ladybug waddling around a complex maze, gobbling up food and avoiding your nasty fellow insects. Doors in the maze can throw pursuers off your track momentarily – or they can trap you into an See the videoeven worse situation than whatever you’re trying to escape. (Universal, 1981)

Memories: Like Lock ‘n’ Chase, Ladybug is a fine example of a game which, though clearly inspired by Pac-Man, features enough unique game play elements to make it an individual game. And it’s a rare instance of a game I have to praise for its music and sound effects – they were really rather catchy.

LadybugAs with almost all of Universal’s games, Ladybug forced you to work really hard at getting a bonus “life.” At least, unlike in the Mr. Do! games, the letters E, X, T, R and A weren’t trying to kill you. Somewhere around the third screen, Ladybug became near-impossible (at least for my young reflexes).

3 quartersColeco snatched up the home console rights to Ladybug, and though Atari 2600 and Intellivision versions were promised, Coleco naturally saved the best possible home port for the ColecoVision itself.