Odyssey 200

Odyssey 200Talk about upscale. The Odyssey 200, released not long after the Odyssey 100, added an extra game to the mix, bringing the machine’s built-in game total up to three. In addition to Tennis and Hockey/Soccer, the Odyssey 200 adds Smash, essentially a vastly simplified game of racquetball. (Magnavox seemed to feel that the extra game – and the slightly more sedate paint job on the casing – merited a whole new unit and model number.)

Odyssey 200 TennisOther than that, the Odyssey 200 is much the same as its immediate predecessor: black and white graphics, sound provided by the console itself and not the TV, and scoring kept with two sliders on the console itself…though the days of trusting the honor system to track video game scoring would end – at least temporarily – as the next console to bear the Odyssey name would start to take the first major steps away from the original Ralph Baer Brown Box design in the Odyssey series.

Odyssey 200 Smash Odyssey 200 Hockey
Above: Smash and Hockey on the Odyssey 200.

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