Tekkaman soundtrackFrom the team behind Kagakuninjatai Gatchaman (known to the English speaking world primarily as Battle Of The Planets) came another, slightly more obscure creation later in the 1970s. Though it’s not meant to occupy the same “universe” as G-Force, Tekkaman shares many (perhaps unavoidable) similarities: the artists at Tatsunoko Studios devised a very similar look, complete with a tinted motorcycle-helmet-inspired visor, immediately inviting comparisons with the character designs of Gatchaman, and Tekkaman’s adventures were scored by Bob Sakuma, the inventive composer behind the original Gatchaman music. Still in “Chicago mode” for his new assignment – Sakuma has openly admitted that the jazzy rock-disco stylings of his 70s anime scores were inspired by the American rock group – Sakuma still manages to create a slightly different musical setting for Tekkaman.

What it has in common with Gatchaman is Sakuma’s trademark bold, funky brass – you can definitely tell the same person is behind the music of both shows. The most obvious “new” element to the Tekkaman music is a wordless solo female vocal that floats above the rest of the music. Strangely enough, there are instruments and frequently vocals that have a completely different amount of reverb than the rest of the music. It doesn’t really detract from anything, but this odd production technique does tend to draw attention to itself.

There are guitar passages that cross the line from funky into hard rock territory, making for some interesting 3 out of 4new twists on the style Sakuma had established with the earlier series. But for the most part, if you enjoyed Bob Sakuma’s original Gatchaman music, Tekkaman makes a nice companion piece to it. This is one of those cases where a “sounds like…” or “customers who bought this also bought that” recommendation are probably right on the money.

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  1. Tekkaman no Uta (2:48)
  2. Hoshi Kara Kita Otoko (2:55)
  3. Hiromi to Mutan (4:46)
  4. Chikyuu Ryakudatsu Shirei (4:50)
  5. Gekitou no Tekkaman (4:47)
  6. Minamijuujisei (2:37)
  7. Yameru Chikyuu (1:45)
  8. Voltekka (0:09)
  9. Harukanaru Sanno-sei (3:36)
  10. Weekend (4:27)
  11. Waldaster Trap (3:37)
  12. Taiyou no Yuusha (3:27)
  13. Leap, Tek Set! (3:52)
  14. Saigo no Tekkaman (3:09)
  15. Space Knights no Uta (0:44)

Released by: Columbia Japan
Release date: 2004
Total running time: 47:29