Laserblast soundtrackRegarded with fondness perhaps only by one core group of fans, the low-budget 1978 sci-fi-horror flick Laserblast offered the first “real gig” for two names who have become frequent flyers in the music credits of many a TV series and movie today: Richard Band and Joel (Stargate SG-1) Goldsmith. Both young, brimming with ideas, and enthusiastic about their first swipe at the big screen, Goldsmith and Band poured themselves into their work. The bad news is that the movie they were scoring is now generally remembered only as the cinematic victim of the final episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000 on Comedy Central.

Trying to split the different between 70s funk/rock sensibilities and a more traditional underscore, the music from Laserblast might come across as a bit schizophrenic upon the first listen. But in the end, it could be that, aside from one of MST3K’s finest (two) hours, this movie’s greatest contribution was its music. Heard independently of the film itself, Laserblast’s score shows a lot of inventiveness on the part of its composers. Despite working with limited, pre-MIDI synthesizers (and trying to use them to approximate a larger ensemble), Band and Goldsmith, at least, aren’t going through the motions. (With the benefit of hindsight, one can imagine a scene where the two might look at each other with a “what the hell?” shrug and phone the rest of the music in, but that doesn’t seem to have happened.)

Even the source music and rock cues are intersting enough to merit a repeat listen. Be ready for a trip back to the 70s, though – these pieces ooze 70s.

This is the first CD I’ve bought from, yet another small boutique label catering to movie music fans, and I have to compliment them on this release; the booklet is well-researched and informative, the music itself is sharp and clear, and when it came to the limited autographed edition (100 of the 1,000 copies released were signed), a separate copy of the booklet was rating: 3 out of 4signed. If you frame your autographs, this means that you didn’t just lose your CD booklet to a frame on the wall. Overall, a nice package, and if you can overlook the movie’s dubious pedigree (and try not to hear the voice of Tom Servo singing “There’s a place in France…” over that one track), there’s some decent music in there too.

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  1. Laserblast Main Title (1:55)
  2. Mom’s Leaving (0:21)
  3. Billy’s Radio #1 (2:06)
  4. Grandpa and Kathy (0:47)
  5. Billy’s Radio #2 (3:14)
  6. Deputy Chase (1:16)
  7. Chuck’s Radio #1 (2:21)
  8. Alien Blaster / Billy Finds Gun / First Laserblasting (1:46)
  9. Billy and Kathy (1:14)
  10. Aliens In Ship / Alien Boss On Screen (0:47)
  11. Tony Discovers Black Spot (1:02)
  12. Party Music (4:25)
  13. Love Theme After Fight (0:46)
  14. Billy In Mirror / Chuck Goes To Car (1:04)
  15. Chuck’s Car Gets Blasted (1:06)
  16. Tony Arrives At Police Station (0:34)
  17. Operation Montage / Dr. Mellon Examines Billy (1:07)
  18. Lab Montage (1:11)
  19. Billy At Gas Station (1:39)
  20. Billy and Kathy Make Love (0:45)
  21. More Laserblasting (0:59)
  22. Chuck’s Radio #2 (3:59)
  23. Billy Battles Plane (2:54)
  24. Billy Blows Town Up (5:22)
  25. Laserblast End Title (2:29)

Released by: BSX Records
Release date: 2005
Total running time: 46:14