Command & Conquer: Red Alert

Command & Conquer: Red Alert Another blast of raw energy from the other C&C music factory, Frank Klepacki’s music from the immensely popular Red Alert PC strategy game brings into sharp focus the elements that made his music from Command & Conquer such a compelling listen even away from the computer. Gone are most of the soundbytes within the music (the chilling refrain of film-footage “sieg heil” samples in “Hell March” being an exception), Klepacki brings in da funk in full force. “Mud” is perhaps the best example of what he achieves with the music from this game: funky, atmospheric, moody, and rhythmic, without relying on a hit-you-over-the-head-with-it, four-beats-to-the-measure techno beat at all times. 4 out of 4Though further games (and soundtracks) in the Command & Conquer series were released, their music seldom got better than this.

Though it was offered on Westwood Studios’ site for a long time, The Music Of Command & Conquer: Red Alert is now out of print.

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  1. Hell March (6:24)
  2. Radio (4:05)
  3. Crush (3:49)
  4. Roll Out (3:54)
  5. Mud (4:48)
  6. Twin Cannon (3:55)
  7. Face The Enemy (5:36)
  8. Run (5:13)
  9. Terminate (5:20)
  10. Big Foot (5:15)
  11. Workmen (4:44)
  12. Militant Force (1:50)
  13. Dense (5:02)
  14. Vector (4:18)
  15. Smash (8:07)

Released by: Westwood Studios / Electronic Arts
Release date: 1996
Total running time: 72:20