Claudia Christian – Taboo

Claudia Christian - TabooGood grief! Musically, this two-song CD distributed by the official fan club of Claudia Christian (Babylon 5‘s Ivanova) is quite good, but…whew! Those lyrics! Madonna might blush at some of this stuff. (Or, on second thought, she might join in. Doesn’t pay to think about it.) To quote Rick James, she’s a very kinky girl, the kind you don’t take home to mother. Claudia co-wrote the music and lyrics to both songs, the first of which seems to involve various out-of-the-norm activities (namely, S&M and threesomes). Claudia doesn’t actually sing most of the time – to my surprise, most of the actual singing is ably handled by the powerful voice of Julianna Raye, while Claudia chants/raps/speaks her way through the lyrics; in the case of “Taboo” itself, the lyrics shift into French and back to English numerous times, and Claudia basically moans her way through the French lyrics with her sultriest voice. Rating: 1 out of 4Occasionally, however, Claudia proves that she can, in fact, hit a specific musical pitch. Overall, though it’s a very pricey and very fannish item (face it, Taboo has the content of a CD single and the price tag of an expensive CD at retail), it’s a very tittillating listen, and wouldn’t be out of place belting out of a club’s speaker system.

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  1. Taboo (4:39)
  2. Partners in the Sublime (3:44)

Released by: Zard Productions
Release date: 1996
Total running time: 8:25