I miss my dog

Last Sunday night, Xena and Gabby went off on another one of their infamous adventures. You know, the kind that cause me to lose sleep and what little hair I have left. They didn’t show up when I poured food in their food bowls Sunday night; only Gabby had come home by Monday night. Her behavior was very unusual – she was very depressed and wasn’t eating. That’s when the sinking feeling set in that something was terribly wrong. I’ve attempted to get Gabby to lead me to where she last saw Xena, but she either can’t go or just doesn’t know where she is.


It’s been five days now since we’ve seen her. The weather has been getting progressively worse – colder and rainier with a decent chance for sleet tonight – and there’s no sign of her. I think my old dog is gone. Read More

Weather wake-up call

One of the cats woke me up shortly before 2am. She was very insistent about it. She then led me into my room and jumped up on my desk, drawing my attention to the giant bow echo that’s on a beeline for us by way of Tulsa and OKC. Fascinating. Is the weather radar display on enough that even a cat has some inkling as to how to interpret it, just from sheer repeat exposure? It’ll be interesting to see if this is a recurring phenomenon.

Olivia is all over it
And yes, it was actually this cat

Cute kittehs with awareness of severe weather could really shake up the TV WX biz, too. *rubs hands together greedily* Contact me the Green Agency for more information. We have a variety of photogenic weather kittehs available to do custom forecasts and weather cut-ins.