Night StalkerAfter confiscating a knife from a shy, troubled new student, a school principal is threatened by the boy’s father, and later dies under mysterious circumstances, found impaled on the school’s flagpole. The police dismiss it as a freak accident caused by lightning, despite no record of a storm anywhere nearby. Kolchak takes a persistent interest in the case, and his suspicions continue to bring him back to the boy’s father, who is rumored to have a violent history. When more concrete examples of the boy’s abuse surfaces, the school counselor confronts the boy’s father about it – and she dies later that night, decapitated when a ceiling fan falls on her in her home. Kolchak is now convinced that the father is serving as the earthly vessel of a demonic power, and even shares his suspicions with a police detective whose son is the reclusive child’s best friend. But when Kolchak discovers that he was wrong – there is a demon, but it’s not inhabiting the child’s father – he’s too late to stop a chain of events that will leave the true evil free to cause more death and destruction.

Order the DVDswritten by Adam Armus & Kay Foster
directed by Deran Sarafian
music by Michael Wandmacher

Guest Cast: Tony Todd (Detective), Eugene Byrd (Alex Nyby), Zachary Winard (Justin), Cayden Boyd (Ryan), Peter Greene (Ezekiel), Frederic Lane (Mr. Carver), Ted Rooney (Jeffries), Drew Osborne (Jake), Paula Newsome (Dr. Lawrence), Mary-Pat Greene (Mrs. Sampson)

LogBook entry by Earl Green