The Sea

Night StalkerMcManus narrowly escapes a gang-style shooting that leads to the death of the missing DEA agent and the man who was hiding him. Given that Kolchak was behind bars during this latest incident, Fain has no choice but to let him go – but does follow him as he keeps trying to find Linda Caleca before she becomes the next victim. When Agent Fain trails Kolchak until he finds her, the mysterious bikers who nearly killed McManus appear again, gunning down an FBI SWAT team calmly while appearing to take no damage themselves; McManus captures their faces with his camera, and matches those faces up to two bank robbers. In the confusion, Kolchak and Perri escape with Caleca and go into hiding. But they can’t even hide at a secluded hotel without Fain and the bikers appearing – at roughly the same time.

Order the DVDswritten by Frank Spotnitz
directed by Elodie Keene
music by Michael Wandmacher

Guest Cast: Stacy Edwards (Linda Caleca), Esther K. Chae (Dae), Charles Chun (Seung), Loreni Delgado (Edhead), strong>Alexis Rhee (Soo), John Pyper-Ferguson (Agent Fain), Van Epperson (Hotel Manager), Jim Gleason (Reporter #1), Kathy McGraw (Reporter #2), Manny Perez (Caleca), Kevin Thomas (Biker #1), Brett Wagner (Biker #2), Tony Swift (Biker #3), Steven Saucedo (Biker #4)

Notes: This was the second part of the two-part cliffhanger which was interrupted by ABC’s cancellation of the series; it aired on the Sci-Fi Channel over a year after ABC showed the first part.

LogBook entry by Earl Green