Night StalkerKolchak, Perri and McManus investigate the scene of a strange death – a college honor student drowned in an abandoned house with very little water nearby. Kolchak notices something that he thinks is an occult symbol on a window nearby, though Perri later cryptically identifies it as the symbol of a secret campus society. A reporter from the school’s paper, trying to ingratiate himself to Kolchak, drops a tip that the student’s ex-boyfriend, Jack Mercer, may be worth talking to. After he’s seen talking to Kolchak and Perri, Jack is confronted by one of his friends and a tenured professor, both members of the society of which he is a recent inductee. Jack’s professor threatens him, and then, mere moments later, that professor is found dead on campus of massive injuries consistent with a fall from a 50-story building – something that the campus rather conspicuously lacks. Kolchak’s leads turn up nothing as he tries to find the threads that tie the growing number of victims together, but when he looks into the history of the house where the first death occurred, he finds a terrifying secret that points to Jack Mercer as either the killer…or the next victim.

Order the DVDswritten by Adam Sussman
directed by Dan Sackheim
music by Michael Wandmacher

Guest Cast: Eugene Byrd (Alex Nyby), Gil McKinney (Jack), Lane Garrison (Craig), Yancey Arias (Carr), Travis Wester (Devan Harvey), Eamon Hunt (Charles Dunmore), Creed Castleton (Gun Dunmore), Colton Parsons (John Dunmore), Austin Highsmith (Liza)

LogBook entry by Earl Green