The Source

Night StalkerPerri is mystified when Kolchak’s latest crime beat assignment takes him to the scene of a drug lord’s murder and the disappearance of a DEA agent – with no hints at all of anything unexplained or supernatural. But when Kolchak’s nemesis, FBI Agent Fain, arrives at the Beacon’s offices demanding that Kolchak reveal his sources on the story (and insisting that Vincenzo put pressure on Kolchak to do the same), she tries to find out why Fain is involved. Fain claims that Kolchak had inside information on the crime – and also reveals that the missing DEA man lost his wife in an incident very similar to the death of Kolchak’s wife. Kolchak is indeed receiving inside information, but he can’t reveal his source because he doesn’t know who it is apart from an unidentified voice on a cell phone. Kolchak tracks down a possible lead, but when Fain arrives at the paper’s offices to arrest him, it’s up to McManus to track this story down, and doing so puts him in the path of the same gang of murderous bikers who gunned down the drug lord.

Order the DVDswritten by Frank Spotnitz
directed by Steve Shill
music by Michael Wandmacher

Guest Cast: John Pyper-Ferguson (Agent Fain), Manny Perez (Caleca), Peter Mark Vasquez (Grim-Faced Man), Esther K. Chae (Dae), Charles Chun (Seung), Pat Skipper (Agent Richard Walton), Loreni Delgado (Edhead), Kevin Thomas (Biker #1), Brett Wagner (Biker #2), Tony Swift (Biker #3), Steven Saucedo (Biker #4)

Notes: This was the last episode aired on ABC, which pulled the plug on the show in mid-cliffhanger. The second part, and other unaired episodes, were released on DVD in 2006, and aired later on the Sci-Fi Channel with little fanfare.

LogBook entry by Earl Green