SearchArby stops Sky from engaging in battle with the newly arrived figure in the forest, but they are picked up by the police, who press breaking/entering and assault charges against Sky because of his encounter with Roy’s father. Sky uses his ability to influence the mind of others to convince the police sergeant to release him. There is another brief encounter with the shadowy figure from the forest, convincing Sky that not only is he in danger, but Arby, Jane and Roy are in danger due to their contact with him.

Order the DVDswritten by Bob Baker and Dave Martin
directed by Terry Harding
music by Eric Wetherell

SkyCast: Marc Harrison (Sky), Stuart Lock (Arby Vennor), Cherrald Butterfield (Jane Vennor), Richard Speight (Roy Briggs), Jack Watson (Major Briggs), Frances Cuka (Mrs. Vennor), Thomas Heathcote (Mr. Vennor), Robert Eddison (Goodchild)

Notes: The 2″ master videotape of this episode suffered critical damage in the 1990s, and is Skyrepresented on DVD by a VHS backup copy of noticeably lower quality. David Jackson (1934–2005) would go on to play freedom fighter Gan, a member of the Liberator crew during the first two seasons of the BBC’s space opera Blake’s 7.

LogBook entry by Earl Green