The Hunt

InvasionRussell and fellow park ranger Mona Gomez find an old Cuban man adrift in the Everglades, stammering about how he has lost his family to “the lights.” Larkin confesses to Dave that she thinks she’s been followed since she managed to sneak into a top secret hangar at the Air Force base, shortly before Dave and Jesse join Russell to go hunting for one of the glowing creatures in the swamp. Strangely changed after his own experience in the water, Kira Underlay’s boyfriend Derek is stopped by Sheriff Underlay and warned to stay away from the sheriff’s daughter. Derek suddenly decides that he’s more interested in Mariel – despite the fact that this will surely set an even more direct confrontation in motion with the sheriff. Russell tags one of the glowing creatures with a radio device that he can track, but when he follows the signal, he discovers that these creatures can apparently take over human bodies. And Larkin finds that she is indeed being followed, though her attempt to outfox her pursuers puts her in even more danger.

Order this DVDwritten by Becky Hartman Edwards & Shaun Cassidy
directed by Lawrence Trilling
music by Jon Ehrlich & Jason Derlatka

Guest Cast: Nathan Baesel (Sirk), Matt Ross (Vince Teracoma), Sylvia Kelegian (Lucy McKittrick), Ivar Brogger (Father Scanlon), Veronica Cartwright (Valerie Shenkman), Jake Richardson (Gage), Stephen Lee (Carl McKittrick), Michael Mitchell (Derek Culie), Robert Dickenson (Newscaster), Jake Eberle (Man), Alexis Ryan (Woman), Saida Rodriguez Pagan (Newscaster #1), Reggie Jordan (Newscaster #2), Matt Sigloch (MP)

LogBook entry by Earl Green