Episode One

ChockyThe Gore family enjoys a typical upper-middle-class life in London, but when their adopted son Matthew begins asking unusually existential questions about everyday life, and showing other signs of accelerated intelligence, it’s a minor cause for concern. When he suddenly falls ill, his parents, Mary and David, are much more concerned – and a bit annoyed that Matthew keeps asking them to send someone named Chocky away until he’s better.

written by Anthony Read
based on the novel by John Wyndham
directed by Vic Hughes
music not credited

ChockyCast: Carol Drinkwater (Mary), James Hazeldine (David), Andrew Ellams (Matthew), Zoe Hart (Polly), James Greene (Mr. Trimmble), Devin Stanfield (Colin), Kelita Groom (Jane), Jonathan Jackson (Mark), Peter John Bickford (Roger), Catherine Elcombe (Susan)

LogBook entry by Earl Green