Ships In The Night

AutomanThe mysterious disappearance of a local businessman during a trip to the tropical island of San Cristobal becomes Jack Curtis’ latest investigation, sending him to San Cristobal for leads. Walter and Automan discover clues that indicate the disappearance is part of a larger and deadlier pattern of crimes, and travel to San Cristobal to provide this information to Curtis, who is already working with local authorities. But not even Walter suspects that those authorities are not only corrupt, but deeply involved with the crimes…and Automan is too busy discovering the limbo to be of much help.

written by Parke Perine
directed by Bob Claver
music by Stu Phillips / Automan Theme by Billy Hinsche and Stu Phillips

AutomanCast: Desi Arnaz Jr. (Walter Nebicher), Chuck Wagner (Automan), Heather McNair (Roxanne Caldwell), Gerald S. O’Loughlin (Capt. Boyd), Robert Lansing (Lt. Jack Curtis), Scott Marlowe (Sawyer), France Nuyen (Liang Lu), Steve Hanks (Woody), Frank Aletter (James Dowling), Abraham Alvarez (Police Sergeant), Cesare Danova (Captain Romano), Javier Grajeda (The Desk Clerk), Branscombe Richmond (Johnson), Melanie Vincz (The Beautiful Girl), Bridget Sienna (The Croupier), Rick Garcia (The Bank Guard)

LogBook entry by Earl Green