ChockyRecovering from his high fever, Matthew is still having conversations with Chocky, a voice that he claims only he can hear. Matthew flies into hysterics when he claims Chocky is calling the new fuel-efficient family car “stupid”, and his math teacher contacts the Gores to ask if Matthew has been receiving outside tutoring, as his schoolwork has improved dramatically. The common thread between both good news and bad is Chocky.

written by Anthony Read
based on the novel by John Wyndham
directed by Christopher Hodson
music not credited

ChockyCast: James Hazeldine (David), Carol Drinkwater (Mary), Andrew Ellams (Matthew), Zoe Hart (Polly), James Greene (Mr. Trimmble), Devin Stanfield (Colin), Lynne Pearson (Miss Blayde), Jonathan Jackson (Mark), Kelita Groom (Jane), Peter John Bickford (Roger), Catherine Elcombe (Susan)

Notes: Fear not, the makers of Chocky didn’t blow up a perfectly good Atari 800 home computerChockythe panel that bursts open is a hinged cover that must normally be opened to access the dual cartridge slots within. The smoke pouring out of the computer, however, is not standard issue. The game being played with remarkable reflexes by Matthew in this story is the Atari computer port of Space Invaders.

LogBook entry by Earl Green

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