Episode 2.1

Chocky's ChildrenA year after his last encounter with Chocky, Matthew Gore is a budding artist whose work is on public display. When Max Landis, the psychologist who spoke at length to Matthew during Chocky’s visit, appears at one of Matthew’s exhibit, Matthew’s father displays extreme suspicion, believing Landis was involved in Matthew’s kidnapping. With an upcoming business trip taking David and Mary Gore to Hong Kong, Matthew is taken to stay with his aunt while his younger sister stays with neighbors…but his progress is still being monitored from afar.

written by Anthony Read
based on characters created by John Wyndham
directed by Peter Duguid
music not credited

ChockyCast: James Hazeldine (David), Carol Drinkwater (Mary), Andrew Ellams (Matthew), Zoe Hart (Polly), Ed Bishop (Deacon), Michael Crampton (Luke), Jeremy Bulloch (Landis), Angela Galbreath (Cissie)

LogBook entry by Earl Green