Episode 2.6

Chocky's ChildrenAs sneaky as Matthew has tried to be, Deacon has anticipated his arrival at the clinic where Albertine is being held; both children are now under lock and key. But with the help of Chocky, guiding them to join their minds as a gestalt entity, they are able to escape. Just as Deacon tries to block their way out, they call upon another power to repel him, joining minds with children the world over who have encountered Chocky.

written by Anthony Read
based on characters created by John Wyndham
directed by Peter Duguid
music not credited

ChockyCast: Andrew Ellams (Matthew), Anabel Worrell (Albertine), James Hazeldine (David), Angela Galbreath (Cissie), Prentis Hancock (Meyer), Ed Bishop (Deacon), Michael Crampton (Luke), Jeremy Bulloch (Landis), Brian de Salvo (Doctor), Glynis Brooks (Chocky’s voice)

LogBook entry by Earl Green