A note about Kasatochi’s Obligatory Soft Rock Album

KasatochiThere’s a new Kasatochi album, about an hour long, featuring video-game-style chiptune covers of venerable soft rock, R&B and power ballad favorites. And where, in the early days of Kasatochi, it used to take me one caffeinated insomniac night to take a new album-length Kasatochi download from concept to completion, this one took two years.

Consider this post a set of “liner notes” explaining why. Read More

A Song of Ice and Tires, Book Two: A Crash of Things

After yesterday’s 14+ hour long ice storm, the roads across Arkansas are basically poo. They’re slick as poo, and you’re pretty much guaranteed to poo if you try to drive on them, for there shall certainly be a crash of things. Repeating, for clarity: poo. (The city of Fort Smith was closed today. Not the schools. Not the courthouse. The whole city.)

Let’s watch again, in animated form, as the roads and highways in Arkansas resolutely refuse to improve in any meaningful way. Read More

A Kasatochi Christmas!

KasatochiWhat, you thought Kasatochi was done? Naaaaaaah! I wasn’t originally planning to do a Kasatochi Christmas album, but after the recent computer-death-and-rebuild, I wanted to make sure I’d installed all of my audio and music software to my satisfaction, so I cranked out a longer-than-I-originally-envisioned (that’s what she said!) collection of chip-tune-ified Christmas favorites for your free downloading pleasure – a little present, you might say. Read More

Trick or Treat or Kasatochi

KasatochiAppropriately enough, Kasatochi rises from the dead just in time for Halloween with some songs that, if they aren’t actually scary in and of themselves, are thematically linked to ghouls and goblins and other such denizens of the dark. I’m putting this out there a little bit early so anyone wanting to work some creepily-themed chiptunes into their DJ set has time to do so.

01 – Spooky
02 – Werewolves Of London
03 – Witchy Woman
04 – Somebody’s Watching Me
05 – Crazy Train
06 – Thriller
07 – Black Magic Woman
08 – The Raven
09 – Don’t Fear The Reaper
10 – Monster Mash + mystery bonus track

Hey, Crazy Train always scared the hell out of me. Or maybe it was just the guy who sang it. Also, here, finally, is Thriller – the most-requested Kasatochi conversion… well, pretty much ever. You people have a… shall we say… zombie-like devotion to your Thriller, don’t you?

Go to the dedicated Kasatochi page and download it for free. Do it to stop Kasatochi before it kills again!

Kasatochi season finale!

KasatochiSadly, all good things must come to an end, and in case it hadn’t become obvious in recent weeks, the “one Kasatochi release per week” schedule I was able to keep up through the summer is one of those things. Kasatochi was always a bit of “stealth pre-production” I was carrying out for another project, something you’ll get to see/hear in the fullness of time. This last release of the summer – upon which I bestowed the absolute silliest title I could come up with – is actually a combination of bits and pieces of three other Kasatochi releases that just weren’t coming together as full-length projects in their own right. The first project was intended to be an album of covers of recent songs (as in “within the past 10-or-so years”), the second was a “utility” album of stuff I needed for the aforementioned project, and the third was a “best of” (which may or may not still happen), much of which would’ve been remixed to sound better. To put an exclamation point, or perhaps an interrobang, at the end of the Kasatochi sentence for now, I combined all of the finished tracks for these three projects, and wound up with the last hurrah. For now. Read More

Are we not men? We’re Kasatochi!

KasatochiIn the works for ages, the next-to-last Kasatochi EP of the summer firmly jams its energy dome atop its head and launches into an utterly (if not ridiculously) appropriate chiptune tribute to the back catalogue of a certain iconic ’80s group.

01 – Jocko Homo
02 – Beautiful World
03 – Cold War
04 – Enough Said
05 – Jerkin’ Back ‘n’ Forth
06 – Girl U Want
07 – Going Under
08 – Freedom Of Choice
09 – Part Of You
10 – Gut Feeling
11 – Gates Of Steel
12 – Working In The Coal Mine
13 – Whip It!

Go to the dedicated Kasatochi page and download it for free – enough said.


Kasatochi: ’90s Expansion Pack

KasatochiI think I’ve forgotten to Kasatochi everybody at any point in the past seven days. To make up for it, here’s a larger-than-usual EP celebrating that most wildly uneven and frequently banal decade of music… even though I’d like to think I got that decade whittled down to its best or most bizarre examples. Downlaod it for free and you can be the judge of that. Read More