Kasatochi: Beamed

Kasatochi: BeamedJust in time for the release of Star Trek: Into Darkness, I thought it’d be fun to reach into an alternate universe and whip out a soundtrack from that mirror universe’s vastly superior library of Star Trek video games. (I make little secret of my opinion that a lot of licensed Trek games are big piles of steaming salt monster excrement.) In this other universe, virtually every movie and series has had a knockout video game based on it, with outstanding music from some of the big screen’s finest composers. Here, then, is an entire full-album-length chiptune tribute to the Star Trek universe from Kasatochi, free for download.

01 – Theme from Star Trek
02 – Charlie X
03 – The Corbomite Maneuver
04 – Amok Time
05 – The Doomsday Machine
06 – Theme from the Animated Series
07 – Theme from Star Trek The Motion Picture
08 – Ilia’s Theme
09 – Star Trek II Epilogue + End Title
10 – Enterprise Clears Moorings
11 – Battle In The Mutara Nebula
12 – Star Trek III Prologue + Main Title
13 – Star Trek IV Main Title
14 – Star Trek V – A Busy Man
15 – Star Trek VI Overture
16 – Star Trek VI Suite
17 – Theme from Star Trek The Next Generation
18 – The Child
19 – Where Silence Has Lease
20 – The Inner Light
21 – Star Trek Generations
22 – The Enterprise-B
23 – Star Trek First Contact
24 – Red Alert
25 – Theme from Star Trek Deep Space Nine
26 – Theme from Star Trek Voyager
27 – Faith Of The Heart
28 – Archer’s Theme
29 – Theme from Star Trek 25th Anniversary
30 – Star Trek 25th Anniversary In-Game Music
31 – Star Trek Medley

One track steps out of the usual chiptune format in a way that the piece all but demanded – it’s chiptune-plus-something-else.

Right-click to download kasatochi-trek.zip (113mb)

Kasatochi explainer

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