…and you will obey me.

I was watching the Doctor Who DVD Time-Flight this morning while feeding Evan, and listening to the commentary, in which Peter Davison points out a background extra who, in 1982, bore an extraordinary resemblance to our current Vice President:

The Master and friend

As Davison puts it, “So that’s why Iraq is such a mess! Dick Cheney is in league with the Master!” And now we know. πŸ˜† The resemblance is beyond uncanny – and I didn’t photoshop that frame one little bit except to crop and border it. Since I was watching the region 2 release, I found myself wondering if this portion of the same title as released in the U.S. has that comment intact, or perhaps an awkward silence…

2 thoughts on “…and you will obey me.”

  1. Nah. If that was really Dick Cheney, the Master’s face would’ve been blown off by now.


    Thank you, thank you, I’ll be here all night. Be sure to tip the veal and try the waitress!

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