Obi-Wash and the Christmas Captain

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Not that I can really say I’m much better – I was really, really late picking up what may well be my coolest Christmas gift this year.

The other night when I went to get the mail from our PO box, there was a slip in there indicating that I had a package, and it was a tube. Eh!? Friday the mystery tube was retrieved, and lo and behold, it’s from Felix, who had already sent me a Christmas card. At this point I’m kinda going “Wha…?” Especially when I go and open the wrong end. So I’m still going “Wha…?” for a few more minutes as I scramble to open the other end, and out pops:

Kirk here

…complete with the stub receipt indicating that it was indeed signed by Mr. Shatner himself at one of the Trek conventions Felix went to this year. Holy crap! Now that is cool, and it certainly was not something I was expecting. Many, many, many thanks! (And yes, as proof of my geek cred, the poster is indeed being held open for this photo by a Dalek, a Star Trek communicator, and an ELO “Discovery” LP.)

I was really happy with my Christmas this year – truth be told, I didn’t ask for much, because I was just as happy for the whole family to spend their money on Evan, and I was more than happy to spend his first Christmas with him – but this little surprise just blew me away. Thank you, Felix!

Now I’ve gotta scrounge up a frame. 😯

2 thoughts on “Obi-Wash and the Christmas Captain”

  1. Dun Dun Naaaah Naaaah Naaaah Naaaah Na na na na…..!!!

    Of all the shots, that is sooo cool! πŸ˜‰ I love that you’re holding it down with a communicator to boot. LOL Awesome present!

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