More geekery-outery

More visual experimentation and general-messing-around associated with this post.

Test shots under less than great lighting conditions, featuring stuff added onto the original photos (i.e. the Dalek extermination beam), and using a fisheye lens (lower right). Why Old BOB? I wanted to see how it’d look if I “deleted” the stand (and its shadow) for a “hovering” item.

Testing another combination of filters for 3D Studio Max shots, including one combined with a Celestia-generated backdrop; low-light/spotlight test shot; road-testing the fresh-out-of-the-box classic series Daleks.

Playing around with different filter combos to see what best suits low-light shots.

I don’t know if I’m ever going to get around to telling an actual story at this rate – it’s just fun to think up ideas for photos, camera angles, lighting, etc., and see how they’ll look after being “comic-ized.” By the way, most of these are retained as 1152×758 originals, so if anyone wants any wallpaper, just squeak.

One thing I realized in doing extreme close-up shots of Davros’ chair is that this whole endeavour would be sunk from the word go if the figures themselves weren’t as damned awesome as they are. I go on and on about maintaining fine details; that’d be a moot conversation if there was no fine detail to preserve, ya know?

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