So…my wife just called me and told me that there’s a new kitten in our house. A new little black girl kitten. She got her from someone who sold her a new laptop; apparently the kitten had been dumped on their property. Apparently Othello went into hiding, and Olivia’s hissing, because Olivia’s mommy has put this interloper on Olivia’s mommy’s bed with Olivia.

Um…we’ll see how this works out. You know me, I’m a slightly younger male version of the Crazy Cat Ladies who take in thirteen zillion kitties. But I’m a little bugged by this happening without my consultation. On the otherhand…and let’s be fair and put the cards on the table honestly…it’s almost Halloween, and we’re in superstitious backwater redneck country. If we didn’t take her in, chances are disturbingly good that something bad would’ve happened to this little kitty in about two weeks.

So…how’s Obsidian sound?

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