Episode Four

RavenRaven escapes the worst part of the rockfall and raises the alarm; the rest of the dig workers and emergency services arrive to dig out the buried man, who may still have enough air for a few minutes, though the effort to reach him is expected to take hours. Arriving on the heels of the people who can help is television reporter Clive Castle, who sees nothing but a story, and is particularly fascinated by Raven’s role in the unfolding drama.

Order the DVDswritten by Jeremy Burnham and Trevor Ray
directed by Michael Hart
music not credited

RavenCast: Michael Aldridge (Professor Young), Patsy Rowlands (Mrs. Young), Phil Daniels (Raven), Shirley Cheriton (Naomi Grant), James Kerry (Bill Telford), Tenniel Evans (Editor), Ellis Jones (Vicar), Blake Butler (Stone), Hugh Thomas (Castle)

LogBook entry by Earl Green