The Innocent

Logan's RunFrancis and the other Sandmen, now armed with their own vehicles, close in on Logan and his friends. Even though Logan is able to shake off his pursuers, his flight comes to a sudden stop when he finds that his hovercraft is in a minefield surrounding an underground bunker. Rem manages to neutralize the bunker’s various defense systems, and inside the bunker, they find rather antisocial robots watching over an adolescent girl who has apparently never seen another human being since her parents died. She develops a strong attachment to Logan, but doesn’t understand the feelings she’s experiencing. But she quickly picks up on Logan’s affection for Jessica, and her envy leads her to reveal a terrifying telekinetic power. After she uses her power to “remove” Rem and Jessica, Logan still rejects her advances…so she decides to betray him to the Sandmen.

Logan's RunDownload this episodeteleplay by Ray Brenner and D.C. Fontana
story by Ray Brenner
directed by Michael Preece
music by Jerrold Immel

Guest Cast: Lisa Eilbacher (Lisa), Lou Richards (Strong), Barney McFadden (Jeremy), Brian Kerwin (Patrick), Gene Tyburn (Friend)

LogBook entry by Earl Green