Episode Three

RavenThe mystery of what happened to Raven in the caves – and left a visible mark, the astrological symbol of the planet Pluto, on his forehead – attracts the attention of Naomi Grant, who comes to the Youngs’ house to interview Raven for the newspaper. She ventures into the caves with Raven, and is alarmed that the activities underground are an astrological portent of disaster. Raven isn’t quite convinced…until he watches helplessly as a man walks into his doom in a rockfall.

Order the DVDswritten by Jeremy Burnham and Trevor Ray
directed by Michael Hart
music not credited

RavenCast: Michael Aldridge (Professor Young), Patsy Rowlands (Mrs. Young), Phil Daniels (Raven), Shirley Cheriton (Naomi Grant), James Kerry (Bill Telford), Tenniel Evans (Editor), Ellis Jones (Vicar), Blake Butler (Stone)

LogBook entry by Earl Green