Episode Two

RavenRaven’s time with the Youngs grows stranger as he learns that the bird he has seen repeatedly is called a merlin. Professor Young fills Raven in on the background of the archaeological site, and the possible effects of converting it into a dumping ground for nuclear waste. Raven tries to sway the editor of the local newspaper to acknowledging the danger, but gets nowhere with him. Raven is given an errand to run at the dig site, and experiences a series of powerful visions – this time including himself, wearing a crown and robes. But this time, he has something to show for his vision: a mark left on his forehead.

Order the DVDswritten by Jeremy Burnham and Trevor Ray
directed by Michael Hart
music not credited

RavenCast: Michael Aldridge (Professor Young), Patsy Rowlands (Mrs. Young), Phil Daniels (Raven), Shirley Cheriton (Naomi Grant), James Kerry (Bill Telford), Tenniel Evans (Editor)

LogBook entry by Earl Green