There’s No Place Like Home

Space AcademySpace Academy is put on high alert when an alien presence is detected trying to get inside. Unknown to Commander Gampu and his students, the alien is capable of changing its shape, and ultimately assumes the guise of a man who claims to be from Loki’s home planet. He claims to know of Loki’s purpose and his destiny, but won’t divulge that information unless Loki obtains a container of a highly volatile chemical for him. Loki remembers his Space Academy training and refuses to steal, but then the stranger who promises to tell the boy where he comes from turns his demands into threats.

written by Martin Roth
directed by George Tyne
music by Yvette Blais & Jeff Michael and Horta-Mahana

Space AcademyCast: Jonathan Harris (Commander Gampu), Pamelyn Ferdin (Laura), Ric Carrott (Chris), Ty Henderson (Paul), Maggie Cooper (Adrian), Brian Tochi (Tee Gar), Eric Greene (Loki), Larry Dobkin (Vicron), Peepo (himself)

Notes: Martin Roth created the previous Filmaction live-action SF-for-kids effort, Ark II, and wrote many of its episodes. Guest star Larry Dobkin (1919-2002) – whose character is named Kane in dialogue but Vicron on screen – appeared in Star Trek: The Next Generation as a Klingon, and directed the much-loved Charlie X episode of the original series. He also had an uncredited part in the seminal SF film The Day The Earth Stood Still, and played numerous roles in one of TV’s first-ever science fiction series, Space Patrol.

LogBook entry by Earl Green