Half Life

Logan's RunLogan’s hovercraft is ensnared in a net, and primitive humans surround them with 20th century weapons. A different group of people arrives with more sophisticated weapons, driving the primitives away. This new group’s leader introduces his people as Positives, and calls the others Negatives; he offers Logan and his friends shelter from the Negatives. But once inside the Positives’ community, Logan, Rem and Jessica notice that the faces they’re seeing among the Positives are the same faces they saw among their Negative attackers – the very same people. It’s only when the Positives hypnotize Jessica and subject her to their “processing” that the disturbing truth comes to light: the Positive’s processing splits its subjects into two people, one gentle and happy, the other aggressive and operating purely on instinct. But can the two aspects of Jessica be reunited in one body?

Download this episodewritten by Shimon Wincelberg
directed by Steven Stern
music by Jerrold Immel

Logan's RunGuest Cast: William Smith (Patron / Modok), Len Birman (Positive 14 / Brawn), Kim Cattrall (Rama II), Jeanne Sorel (Rama I), Betty Jinnette (Woman-Positive), John Gowans (Engineer-Scientist)

Notes: The Positives’ processing equipment apparently uses the same sound effect as the viewscreen of the Enterprise from the original Star Trek.

LogBook entry by Earl Green