Logan's RunLogan, Jessica and Rem take up temporary residence at an abandoned cabin near a lake, until they’re cornered and disarmed by Francis and another Sandman. Their orders are simple – Francis will take Logan and Jessica back to the City of Domes, while Rem is to be dismantled. During an overnight stop, Jessica disappears from the hovercraft while Francis has Logan tied up outside. When they go looking for her, they meet a man named James Borden, who warns them that Jessica has probably been kidnapped by mutants who hunt in packs nearby. But he’s not quite being truthful – Borden and his ruthless wife are holding Jessica prisoner to use her as bait for a hunt of their own, and Logan and Francis are the prey. Rem gives his captor the slip and locks him up, and then follows Logan’s trail to Borden’s compound. To survive this most dangerous game, Logan and Francis will have to trust each other, and Logan will have to rediscover the killer instinct he left behind in the City of Domes.

Download this episodewritten by Michael Richards
directed by Irving J. Moore
music by Jeff Alexander

Guest Cast: Horst Bucholz (James Borden), Mary Woronov (Irene Borden), Stan Stratton (Benjamin)

LogBook entry by Earl Green

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