Man Out of Time

Logan's RunLogan, Jessica and Rem investigate unusual energy readings near a junkyard, and they watch in amazement as a large cylinder appears in front of them, containing a live rabbit, which Logan removes. The cylinder then vanishes again, and returns a while later with a man inside, claiming that he too seeks Sanctuary and knows the way. But when the travelers’ new friend brings them to Sanctuary, it’s not what any of them expect. There are no wayward runners from the City of Domes, there are no computers, and there is no modern knowledge. Devastated, the man from the cylinder reveals who he is at last: he is from the past, on the eve of the nuclear war which almost killed all life on Earth, and he’s seeking hints from the future that will allow him to prevent that future – and he needs Logan’s help. But if Logan does assist him, history as Logan knows it – and even Logan himself – might never happen.

Download this episodewritten by Noah Ward (pseudonym for David Gerrold)
directed by Nicholas Colasanto
music by Laurence Rosenthal

Guest Cast: Paul Shenar (David Eakins), Mel Ferrer (Analog), Woodrow Chambliss (Lab Tech One), Gene Tyburn (Comp Logan's RunTech Four), Hank Brandt (Gold), Betty Bridges (Fontaine), Wallace Chadwell (White), Kenneth Martinez (Martinez), Jeff Reese (Handley), Jeff Cotler (Binary), Sherril Lynn Katzman (Katie)

Notes: This episode seems to peg the date of the holocaust that wiped out most human life as Christmas Day, 2112. Mark your calendars and get your shopping done early. Director Nicholas Colasanto later found greater prime-time fame as Coach, the original owner of Cheers.

LogBook entry by Earl Green