The Man Who Could Move The World

Wonder WomanA telekinesis researcher and a promising test subject go missing, which gets the IADC’s attention. Steve Trevor is assigned to follow the clues, and her tracks them down to an abandoned internment camp, where the United States government imprisoned Japanese citizens living withing the U.S. during World War II. The missing test subject, a survivor of this camp, tried to use is latent powers to escape it as a boy, but lost his brother in the process, for which he blames not just the United States, but Wonder Woman, who witnessed the incident first-hand. Wonder Woman has followed Steve to the camp to help, unaware that her presence is very much wanted by a man who has the power to stop her in her tracks with his mind.

Download this episode via Amazonwritten by Judy Burns
directed by Bob Kelljan
music by Artie Kane

Wonder WomanCast: Lynda Carter (Diana Prince / Wonder Woman), Lyle Waggoner (Steve Trevor), Normann Burton (Joe Atkinson), Yuki Shimoda (Ishida), Lew Ayres (Dr. Theodore Wilson), James Hong (Oshima), Alan McRae (Security Officer), J. Kenneth Campbell (Taft), Steven Ken Suehiro (Ishida, as a boy), Peter Kwong (Masaaki, as a boy), Arthur Song (Masaaki)

LogBook entry by Earl Green