The Judas Goat

Logan's RunLogan and Jessica are stunned to see a runner from the City of Domes on the road, and after he initially bolts upon seeing Logan’s Sandman uniform, they pick him up and bring him along. The runner insists that a movement is taking hold within the City – a movement that counts Logan and Jessica as its heroes – and they should return to lead the uprising against Carousel. Before there’s much time to think about it, a force field immobilizes Logan’s hovercraft, and armed men swiftly surround it – including a man who insists that the Sandman inside the vehicle should throw out his “weapon that blasts.” Logan, Jessica, Rem and their new runner friend are taken to a modern compound, where a community is presided over by a man named Matthew – the first man to run from the City of Domes. After a while, he recognizes Jessica, but doesn’t trust Logan, again because of his Sandman uniform. But Matthew has apparently changed since he became the first runner to sprint for freedom – he tells Logan and the others that, for the sake of Matthew’s personal Sanctuary, they can never be allowed to leave.

Download this episodewritten by John Meredyth Lucas
directed by Paul Krasny
music from stock music library

Guest Cast: Nicholas Hammond (Hal 14), Lance Le Gault (Matthew), Spencer Milligan (Garth), Wright King (Jonathon), Morgan Woodward (Morgan), Gary Tomlin (Joseph 8 ), Andrew Massett (Carlos), Diane Lander (Elna), Patrick Skelton (Mark), James Poyner (Theo)

LogBook entry by Earl Green