Logan's RunLogan, Jessica and Rem explore the ruins of a crumbling city, and are surprised to see a sign of activity – a building with a red warning light, still flashing. When they step inside, a recorded message begins playing, informing them of a chamber in the building’s lower levels, containing cryogenic units that hold six of the most brilliant people the old world had to offer – and all of them are supposedly infected with a deadly disease. A serum to cure these people was developed, but only after they were frozen – and not before the war killed anyone who could have revived them. The building is unstable, and as Logan and his friends try to reach the cryochamber, some of the serum is lost, leaving only enough to cure three people – and yet all six of the cryogenic chambers open simultaneously, their locking mechanisms damaged. Now Logan and the others are faced with six people who want the cure, and only enough serum for half of them. One of the survivors turns up dead, but not from the plague – Rem believes he has been murdered. It quickly becomes apparent that one of these brilliant minds is prepared to do whatever it takes to even the odds of being cured.

Download this episodeteleplay by Al Hayes
story by Harlan Ellison
directed by Michael Caffey
music from stock music library

Guest Cast: Christopher Stone (David Pera), Ellen Weston (Rachel Greenhill), Soon-Teck Oh (Dexter Kim), Neva Patterson (Victoria Mackie), Liam Sullivan (Frederick Lyman), Adrienne LaRussa (Sylvia Reyna), Peggy McCay (Dr. Mildred Krim), Richard Roat (Man on video screen)

LogBook entry by Earl Green